Jacqueline D'Acre, as she celebrates the publication of her first book. Jacqueline D'Acre, as she celebrates the publication of her first book.

Meet the Author

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, (formerly Fort William) in Canada. I had an old-fashioned childhood: kids played in the street, milk was delivered by horse-drawn wagons. From age three, I rode these horses every day. After a brief stint in the RCAF, I came home and worked at Chapples Department store's window display dept. I worked the famous Santa Claus shows designing and constructing sets and floats. Then I moved to Winnipeg, where I worked first, as a cocktail waitress, then as a commercial artist. Next, I attended the University of Winnipeg, as an English major. I moved to San Francisco and went to Lone Mountain College, an adjunct to the University of San Francisco, on a Drama scholarship. I was selected to audition for a year's training at San Francisco's Repertory Theatre, ACT, (an alumnus is Nicholas Cage) and I won the audition over 200 others. (I performed 16 lines of Shakespeare's Cleopatra and 16 lines of William Inge's Come Back Little Sheba)...

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Jackie in Kuwait with Arabian Mare Imported from Germany.
Jackie in Kuwait with Arabian Mare Imported from Germany.
Hot Blooded Murder Book Cover

Hot Blooded Murder

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"...vivid and sultry and tumultuous...populated by a Mardi Gras of characters...in which imagination is invited to get up and dance..."

Charles Wilkins

What do murder, horses and Lila's Creole Diner have in common?

Head down to St. Tremaine Parish near New Orleans and find out! Meet Bryn Wiley, a mild equine writer, who discovers a show horse breeder facing financial ruin, foreclosure and far worse! Then the sheriff fingers a champion stallion as a killer...but Bryn believes otherwise. Where there are horses, there is money, deception and powerful secrets.

Can Bryn unmask the real murderer before the stallion gets a lethal injection? In the sultry Louisiana heat she roams New Orleans seeking a slayer–in a desperate race to save the stallion. The story drips with sweat, Spanish moss, a voodoo queen, blooded horses and quirky Deep South characters.

Jacqueline's Other Novels

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Newly fifty. Fifty years of mistakes, triumphs, and of simply being Brit. Is this the point in her life where everything falls apart, or where it all comes together? To whom can she turn - her best friend, her children, her young lover, her ex-husband, Grant, or to herself? To her surprise, Grant-caught up in his own middle-aged craziness-accompanies Brit on the journey of self-discovery which she has undertaken. They choose to "grow up" instead of grow old, as they discover the wonders of knowing now what they didn't know then.

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A Fetching and Courageous Memoir By an Eloquent Woman

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